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About CCR – Program Offices

Within CCR’s Office of the Director, several sub-offices have been set up to provide specific support in these critical program areas:

Animal Resource Program – CCR’s Animal Resource Program is the central point-of-contact for all CCR animal-related issues. This Office offers guidance, training and education, imaging, and technology development for those CCR investigators who work (or plan to work) with animal models.

Office of Communications – Communicates the importance of CCR’s ongoing basic, translational, and clinical research to both inside the Center and to a variety of outside audiences.

Office of Clinical and Preclinical Development Partnerships – Assists the Director in building partnerships that enhance CCR’s research program while maintaining compliance with applicable policy and regulations.

Office of Scientific Development (OSD) – The OSD contributes to defining and enhancing the strategic vision, scientific identity and distinctiveness of the CCR by identifying high-priority, transformative, promising new scientific areas within the CCR portfolio. The OSD also works towards developing innovative types of research infrastructure and models of research interactions, and to explore intramural and extramural funding opportunities.

Office of Scientific Programs – Provides support to CCR investigators for site visit reviews, annual reporting, scientific awards, promotions, and recruitment of high-quality postdoctoral and clinical fellows. This office also coordinates the quadrennial review process for all CCR staff clinicians and staff scientists.

Office of Training and Education – Supports and enhances the overall training experience of CCR’s postdoctoral and clinical fellows and assists our investigators in recruiting outstanding postdoctoral candidates.

Office of the Clinical Director (OCD) –This office provides support for all NCI-CCR clinical trials, which are conducted at the new NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  Activities in this office focus on patient recruitment and care, oncology nursing, preparation of new clinical protocols for review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), biostatistics and data management, and ongoing education and training for staff members.  The goal is to provide the highest standard-of-care for cancer patients who are participating in Phase I and II clinical trials at the Center.

Office of Information Technology (OIT) –Our staff helps CCR scientists and clinicians solve computer-related problems. OIT also coordinates information technology (IT) efforts within the Office of the Director, CCR. Specific areas of support include:

  • Videoconferencing
  • Biospecimen Banking
  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Clinical Protocols Life Cycle Management
  • Support for issues that are too difficult for the NIH IT Service Desk

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