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Division of Computer System Services

The Division of Computer System Services (DCSS) plans, implements, operates, and supports centrally owned or administered computing resources for NIH enterprise use. The Division promotes awareness and efficient and effective use of these computing resources through customer outreach, consultations, training, and documentation.

DCSS manages e-mail, messaging, and directory services for NIH. The multi-platform NIH Data Center supports Oracle and SQL database services, Windows, Unix, Linux, and z/OS operating systems, Web hosting, co-location, and disaster recovery services. DCSS provides the Helix systems and scientific applications for NIH scientists. Customers can access scientific and administrative data and applications, as well as develop new applications to meet the needs of an office, an agency, a lab, or a worldwide community of collaborators using the computing environment and platform most suitable for their applications.

In addition, DCSS enhances collaborative efforts by supporting videocast, web conferencing, teleconferencing, podcasting, and the Video Relay Service (VRS).
DCSS investigates new and emerging computing requirements of customer programs. It conducts research to identify, evaluate, and adapt new computer architectures and technologies to meet customers’ needs and to enhance current service offerings.

For information on the organization of DCSS, go to the CIT Organizational Overview page.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011