NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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You already know you don’t need to abuse drugs to have a good time. Get your community involved in supporting a healthy, drug-free lifestyle by encouraging participation in these activities.

PEERx is a program that aims to empower teenagers to avoid prescription drug abuse. Find out more here.

Wear The Message


Wear the Message

Have students bring in t-shirts or other clothing items and use NIDA's Downloads Creator to iron on designs. Students also can personalize their own iron-on shirts with their own messages.

Assemble for an activity


Hold a School Assembly

There's no better way to spread the word throughout your school about the dangers of prescription drug abuse than to hold an assembly that everyone can attend.

Predict the future


Predict the Future

Make Prescription Drug Abuse Fortune Tellers to show the possible side effects of abusing prescription drugs.

Brodcast yourself


Write and Broadcast a Radio PSA

Contact local radio stations to ask them to play the winning spot as a public service announcement or to interview the student with the winning spot about the project.



Host a "Relieve The Stress Fest!"

Demonstrate a variety of simple stress reduction techniques.



Create a Classroom CSI

Start at the end where a teen is in the hospital as a result of Rx drug abuse. Work backward to find out what drug the person took.



Participate in Drug Facts Chat Day

Encourage students to participate in Chat Day by asking the scientists the best questions.



Hold an Art or Poster Design Contest

Students' posters should show the effects of prescription drug abuse on the brain. Display the most compelling posters around the school.



Issue a Proclamation for Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Day

A proclamation is a great way to spread the word!