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Last Updated: Feb 5, 2013

It has become tough for Pharma companies to choose right partner for pt recruitement organizations .All the pt recruitment and retention companies can discuss about their services,strategies,innovations and their presence

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Now the present market for Clinical trials is on Rare diseases and Orphan drugs.Most of the clinical trial outsourcing budget is spent for pt recruitment and retention services and It has become tough for pharma companies to choose right partner for supporting their Clinical trials with target recruitement within timeframe.This group is created for discussion of All the pt recruitement and retention companies about their services,strategies,innovations and their presence helping the pts and speeding drug development

The role of IRB's understanding the needs of pt and pharmacompanies for enhancing Drug development with their interventions in approvals for recruitement process.

Media's role in understanding the environment and their role in awareness about the studies

To discuss determinants(pt recruitement activities) which best suits the geographical location


Thank you for starting this conversation.  You raise important and provocative questions. It will be great to hear from the various stakeholders about their successful strategies. Some services that  I have read are offered by patient recruitment companies are centralized recruitment for pre-screening patrticipants, study-participant matching services, web-based communication centers, real-time accrual tracking, multi-media advertising campaigns and on-site recruitment coordinators. But I have only read the companys' description of the services on the internet and through advertising. What we need to hear about are the real-life experiences and the approaches that work!

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