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The Wednesday AccrualNet Post (10-10-12): AccrualNet Share Buttons are here!

Last Updated: Dec 1, 2012

There's an easy way to stay connected to all that AccrualNetTM has to offer: AccrualNetTM  'Share Buttons'

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Badges, buttons, widgets, gadgets....oh my! Chances are, most of us don't know one from another. But you've seen them everywhere on the web: small 'graphic elements' that promote a service or piece of information. We are happy to tell you that we now have an AccrualNet 'Share Button' that you can add (or ask your web master to add) to your organization's web site.

AccrualNetTM is full of literature and other helpful tools to help you--the busy clinical trial professional--find useful information and a solution that is 'just right' for the problem at hand. AccrualNetTM is a great place to start...but only IF you remember to go there! Imagine, instead, that you're on your organization's intranet page--checking on the details of a new protocol, or reviewing the accrual stats for your trial. And there it is, the familiar AccrualNetTM 'wheel'--one click, and you have great content at your fingertips. Don't see what you need? Post a conversation--some one in the AccrualNetTM community may have just the solution you're looking for. 

So how does this work? Easy! This page contains 2 buttons-- a large one and a smaller one. Just select the size that fits best on your website, copy the code to your web site and that's it! Be sure and post the 'Sharing Button' in a location where you and your colleagues can quickly access the resources you need, at just the right time!!



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Anyone out there gone through treatment for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Bartholin Gland and Lymph Nodes. ?

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