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Welcome new AccrualNet members!

Last Updated: Nov 7, 2012

Come in, look around, get comfortable!

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The week marks the official re-launch of our AccrualNetTM web site. We re-designed AccrualNetTM from the ground up to make it easy for you to find great resources to support your recruitment efforts. And to make it simple for you to connect with other clinical trial professionals to ask a question, share an experience, solve a problem. So please, come in, look around the site, check out the resources and get comfortable. AccrualNet is a wonderful community of people who share the experience of recruiting to clinical trials--and all the inherent challenges--and joys--that go along with it. Once you look around AccrualNetTM, we hope that you will agree--it is a unique 'one-stop shop' that can support your accrual efforts.

Just as yesterday's election relied upon a strong grassroots campaign to help get the word out, so do we. We hope that you will consider taking a moment and sharing the news of AccrualNetTM with at least 5 other people this week. The AccrualNetTM ToolKit can help you do that in a flash. 

If you have just 10 minutes, you can:

  • Print the AccrualNetTM flyer and post copies in your clinic, break room, next to the computer stations, by the protocol notebooks!
  • Use our Tweets and Facebook posts--they are all ready to go!
  • Send the AccrualNetTM Drop-in article to the editor of your organization's newsletter.
  • Take the AccrualNetTM Power Point Presentation (complete with animation and speaker notes) and give your colleagues a 10 minute presentation.  

We put all of these items together in a ToolKit to make it simple to share the word. We hope that you'll do that--and use the comment space below to tell us how it worked! 

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