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Living In Our New Home

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2012

With the launch of a new Web site, there are always unforeseen issues you can't plan for.  Tell us about your experiences!

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Last week we celebrated a big milestone- the launch of AccrualNet's new Web site!  As with any technology related project, there are always issues or quirks that emerge that you can't adequately plan for.  It reminds me of buying a new home.  Everything is so exciting and you have so many choices- paint, flooring, lightening, furniture, etc.  But, you don't really see the flaws of your new home and how you need it to work for you until you've actually lived in it. 


As we get used to living in our new home, we want to hear from you about the issues you are experiencing.  Afterall, this Web site was built for you!  Tell us what's working and what's not.  Tell us about any technical issues that you are experiencing so that we can help you trouble shoot.  Tell us how you use the site and what features you'd like to see in the future.  Let's make sure our new home works for all of us!


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