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The Wednesday AccrualNet Blog Post (12-19-12): What's in Your Cabinet?

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2012

Everyone has tools and resources they use in their recruitment efforts. These same tools can be useful to other clinical trialists as well.

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Does your site have a catch-all “cabinet” with tools or resources that you use on a regular basis in your accrual efforts? Does it include a study start-up checklist?  A recruitment plan template to help standardize your accrual activities? Or a screening log to capture your accrual data? Do you follow a script when talking to patients about trials? OR….would you like to have any or all of the above to help your site’s recruitment efforts?

AccrualNet can be your organized cabinet of tools! The team will make a focused effort in 2013 to identify more accrual resources that might make your job easier. We have accumulated wonderful items from the community, both educational and practical, throughout the year. In fact, of the 771 content items in AccrualNet now, more than 120 of those can directly help you with:

  • Day to day communications with staff and patients
  • Education about clinical trials
  • Clinic operations
  • Recruitment and retention

We have seen sophisticated resources such as clinical trial videos, informed consent templates, or clinical trials education curricula. But, we also have simple tools that sites have used effectively, such as a trial fact sheet, letter to doctors, or tips on how to explain randomization. What works for you could work for others, too – they just need to know about it.

We’re sure that there are many materials out there, so please share them and let them be known to the rest of the AccrualNet community. AN is a perfect forum to shine the light on tools you may have developed or identified that have been useful to you in the accrual process. What you think might not be useful to others—such as a slide deck from a cooperative group meeting, a patient clinical trials brochure that your site put together, or newsletters or promotional materials that your institution distributes—can actually be just what other clinical trial professionals could use. Rather than reinvent, they can reuse!

Do you have a magic bullet in your cabinet? Please share your tools and tell us what worked well for you.

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