Suggest a Regulation or Policy for Review

The Department invites suggestions of regulations to review. For example, you may want to
suggest that the Department review a regulation because you think it is obsolete, unnecessary,
burdensome, or counterproductive. Or you may think the Department should modify a
regulation to increase its effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility.

Please select the HHS division that handles the topic of your suggested regulation or policy for
review and enter your comments below. You can find information about the Department’s
divisions here:

Retrospective Review of Existing Rules
For example, why do you think the regulation is outmoded, ineffective, insufficient, and/or excessively burdensome? Provide as much information as possible

Please provide quantified benefits and costs of the regulation if possible. Otherwise, provide a qualitative description of the cost or economic impact of the regulation.

Please include your suggestion to address the problem. For example, what would be the best way to modify, streamline, expand, or repeal the regulation? Who would the proposed solution benefit?