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The Division of Operations and Maintenance

Division Director: Jim Windsor (202) 205-4834


Manage facility operations and maintenance (O&M) and related activities in HHS-occupied space in the Washington, D.C Southwest (SW) Complex, including the Mary Switzer, Wilbur Cohen and Hubert H. Humphrey (HHH) Buildings.   Apply best practices to reduce operating costs.


Facilities Management at HHS Headquarters,  HHH Building

Jim Windsor - (202) 205-4834

Provides daily building management at HHS Headquarters, HHH Building. Oversees Commercial Facilities Management (CFM) service contract, utilities management and related service contracts.  Interacts with tenants to provide daily Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), elevator, cleaning, pest control and grounds maintenance services.

Space Management in the Washington, D.C. Southwest Complex

Lori Sheppard - (202) 690-5663

Provides space management services to include construction and alterations project oversight and master planning in the Southwest Complex.  Tracks HHS dollars sent by HHS space holders to GSA via Reimbursable Work Agreements (RWA) to fund alterations projects.  Provides Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) services for space and furniture design in HHS occupied space.

Events Management in the Washington, D.C. Southwest Complex

Jean Allen - (202)-619-1074

Responsible for events management to include scheduling and coordination of approximately 2,500 conference room reservations annually.  Coordinates Video Teleconferencing (VTC) services in select conference rooms.  Manages special events in the Hubert H. Humphrey (HHH) Building Great Hall and Auditorium. 

Rent and Operations Budget Management

Kristi Sanchez - (202) 260-6189

Oversees and tracks annual HHH Building O&M, General Departmental Management (GDM) Rent, and SW Complex Rent budgets worth $25M.  Processes financial transactions, reporting summaries and expenditures.  Develops and processes Intra-Agency Agreements (IAA’s) with HHS space holders to fund the HHH Bldg. O&M Program.

Washington, D.C. SW Complex Liaison with GSA

Jim Windsor - (202) 205-4834

Collaborates with GSA Real Estate Representatives to acquire space in the SW Complex to support HHS Programs.  Reviews Occupancy Agreements.  Scrutinizes rent bills from GSA and Security bills from DHS for HHS space in the SW Complex.  Serves as OS Liaison for capital repair and improvement projects funded by GSA in HHS-occupied space to include building modernizations, building fit out, mechanical and architectural repairs.