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Your support will go directly to NCADV programming that:

  • assists victim of violence in gaining and maintaining their freedom from abuse;
  • to support parents fighting to protect their children from an abusive partner or ex-partner within the custody court system;
  • and to NCADV's public policy efforts aimed at educating national leaders on the issue of domestic violence and influencing national legislation, national policy and national funding decisions that keep victims of violence safe.

Your support will fund:

  • NCADV's educational programming that informs and empowers professionals, individuals and communities working to end violence in the most effective and successful ways;
  • NCADV's Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery program that provides free cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to victims of domestic violence who bear the scars of physical abuse;
  • and to programming such as NCADV's job skills building and financial education projects that help empower victims of violence in their efforts to remain safe.

Thank you!! We couldn't be doing this without you.

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