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Justice Programs


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  1. Improper forensic evidence testimony at trial is one of 10 factors that contributes to wrongful convictions

  2. Philadelphia study finds public defenders reduce murder conviction rate by 19% compared to private appointed counsel.

  3. AG Holder speaks at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the U.S Supreme Court Decision in Gideon V. Wainwright

  4. CTAS grants for public safety, victim services and crime prevention for tribal governments. Deadline March 19!

  5. Which makes more accurate predictions: data and computers or panels of experts? You might be surprised.

  6. AG Holder: "Domestic violence is a devastating crime – and it claims far too many lives each and every day."

  7. 1968 Pres. Crime Comm: Justice has many needs, the greatest is the need to know: OJP hosts Fed Knowledge Mgmt Mtg.

  8. New study finds 10 factors, including age & criminal history, that contribute to wrongful convictions.

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