The DoDIG can only accept UNCLASSIFIED complaints on this website.

Also, please make sure the DoD Hotline is the appropriate venue for addressing your issue, before submitting a complaint. Please go to READ BEFORE FILING to determine where to direct your complaint.

Submit a Complaint to The Department of Defense Hotline

ANNOUNCEMENT: As of October 1st, 2013, the DoD Hotline will no longer be accepting complaints via email. MORE INFO
Select the Type of Complaint You Would Like to Submit:
Hotline Complaint

Report fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement regarding programs and
personnel under the purview of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Reprisal Complaint

Report adverse personnel actions taken against an individual, because that individual made or was thought to have made a protected communication.

Classified Complaint

Report violations of wrongdoing involving classified information.

Contractor Disclosure

Report disclosures as a DoD contractor, regarding a violation of Federal criminal law or of the civil False Claims Act in connection with DoD contracts or subcontracts.

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If you do not know which type of complaint to submit, please view our Frequently Asked Questions or  call the DoD Hotline at 1-800-424-9098 for assistance.


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