Audit Department


SIGIR primarily conducts performance audits that assess the economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and results of Iraq reconstruction programs, often with a focus on the adequacy of internal controls and the potential for fraud, waste, and abuse.

SIGIR's audit authority extends to amounts appropriated or otherwise made available for any fiscal year to the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund, the Iraqi Security Forces Fund, the Commander's Emergency Response Program; or for assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq under the Economic Support Fund, the International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement account, or any other provision of law.

The Following is a list of completed Audits performed by SIGIR this past quarter:

Report # Report Title PDF Size Date
13-006 Projects Financed with Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Funds 2,289 KB 3/6/2013
13-005 Lessons Learned on the Department of Defense's Commander’s Emergency Response Program in Iraq 425 KB 1/24/2013
13-004 Lessons Learned from U.S. Agencies Management of Iraqi Funds for Relief and Reconstruction 534 KB 1/22/2013
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