Investigations Department



The SIGIR Investigations Directorate continues to actively pursue allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse in Iraq, with 61 active investigations.

During this final reporting period, SIGIR had 1 investigator assigned in Baghdad; 10 investigators in offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and California; and 5 investigative personnel at SIGIR headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Investigative accomplishments this quarter included 7 indictments, 7 convictions, and 4 sentencings.

As of the final report, 14 defendants in SIGIR cases await trial, with an additional 15 awaiting sentencing. To date, the work of SIGIR investigators has produced 112 indictments, 90 convictions, 76 sentencings, and more than $192.6 million in fines, forfeitures, recoveries, restitution, and other monetary results (see Figure 2.1). For the monetary results of SIGIR investigations, by affiliation of wrongdoer at the time of criminal activity, see Figure 2.2. For SIGIR convictions, by affiliation of wrongdoer, see Figure 2.3. The work of SIGIR investigators also has led to 106 suspensions of contractors, 184 proposals for debarment, and 139 debarments. For a comprehensive list of convictions compiled by the Department of Justice (DoJ), see Table 2.5.          

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