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January 2011: Quarterly Report To Congress

Over the next 11 months the nature of the U.S. Presence in Iraq

will fundamentally alter, with certain reconstruction elements either ceasing operations or transitioning responsibilities to other agencies. By September, the final Provincial Reconstruction Teams are slated to close as two new consulates (in Basrah and Erbil) and two temporary Embassy Branch 0ffices (in Kirkuk and Mosul) become operational. In October, one of the most crucial U.S. transitions will occur: the Department of State will assume Responsibility for police training from the Department of Defense (DoD). Finally, pursuant to the U.S.-Iraq Security Agreement (SA), all U.S. military forces will withdraw from Iraq by December 31,2011; a contingent of military personnel will remain under Chief of Mission authority, staffing the new 0ffice of Security Cooperation-Iraq. Maintaining a more sizeable military presence in Iraq would require the United States to renogotiate the terms of the SA with the Government of Iraq (GOI).

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