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October 2007: Quarterly Report To Congress

$100 Billion, 100 Audits, 100 Inspections

Two notable developments provide a backdrop for SIGIR’s work this quarter. First, total relief and reconstruction investment for Iraq from all sources—the United States, Iraq, and international donors—passed the $100 billion mark. And second, total attacks on Coalition forces and Iraqis dropped to their lowest levels in over a year, primarily because of successes achieved through the surge strategy. SIGIR’s oversight team also achieved two noteworthy milestones this quarter. Both the total number of audits produced and the total number of inspections produced by SIGIR since we began our oversight mission passed the 100 mark. This collective body of published reporting, together with the many investigations SIGIR has carried out, stands as a testament to the important benefits that consistent and rigorous oversight can contribute to the important mission in Iraq.

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