March 2004: Quarterly Report To Congress

The Congress established the Office of the Inspector General of the Coalition Provisional

Authority through Public Law 108–106.1 Pursuant to that statute, the CPA–IG will promote the efficient, legal, and effective use of U.S. taxpayer, Iraqi and other funds committed to Iraq relief and reconstruction efforts, by coordinating and engaging in audits, inspections, reviews, and investigations.

Section 3001(i) of Public Law 108–106 requires the CPA–IG to submit to Congress, no later than March 30, 2004, (and each quarter thereafter), a report summarizing the activities of the Coalition Provisional Authority and the CPA–IG. This submission constitutes the CPA–IG’s first mandated report, and it includes, among other things, information about the most significant activities of the CPA and the CPA–IG.

This report is also broken out by Figures and Tables. Download all Figures here.

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