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July 2009: Quarterly Report To Congress

From Surge to Sovereignty

For the first time since April 2003, the U.S. military no longer patrols Baghdad's streets. In keeping with the terms of the Security Agreement, U.S. combat forces withdrew from Iraq's cities at the end of June. This landmark development represents another milestone on Iraq's road toward asserting complete sovereignty over its territory. Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) will still be able to call on their U.S. ally for assistance if they need support, and the U.S. military will continue to conduct joint operations with the ISF around cities and near the borders with other countries; but the Government of Iraq (GOI) now decides the timing and the terms of U.S. combat actions in urban areas.

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SIGIR Observations

Timeline of Key Events MNF-I Chain of Command U.S. Embassy-Baghdad Organizational Chart, 7/2009 Major U.S. Funds Available for Obligation Significant Security Incidents, 4/1/2009-7/21/2009
Provincial Governorships by Party Weekly Oil Price, 7/2007–6/2009 OPEC Country Proved Reserves vs. Production  

Iraq Reconstruction Funding

Funding Sources International Grants and Loans, Pledged vs. Committed, by Donor Status of Major U.S. Funds Quarterly Obligation and Expenditure Rates of Major U.S. Funds ISFF Status of Funds
ISFF Allocations by Fiscal Year of Appropriation Major IRRF 2, ISFF, and ESF Contractors Contractor Support for Iraq CERP Status of Funds CERP Reporting Practices
DoD Contractors in Iraq Contractor Deaths in Iraq, by Quarter, 1/1/2004–6/30/2009 Allocations of Major U.S. Reconstruction Funds, as of 6/30/2009 Security—Status of Funds Military Fatalities in Operation Iraqi Freedom, 3/2003–6/2009
Security Incidents and Iraqi Civilian Fatalities, 1/2004–6/2009 U.S. Embassy Security Operations Organizational Chart Estimated ISF Force Strength, Cumulative, by Quarter Foreign Military Sales to the GOI U.S. Embassy-Baghdad Rule of Law Organizational Chart
Rule of Law Assistance to GOI's Judicial System Assassinations of Iraqi Judges and Court Staff Since 2003 Federal Cassation Court: Presented Cases vs. Discharged Cases, 2004–2008 Court Cases Discharged in 2008 Infrastructure—Status of Funds
U.S. Embassy Transition Assistance Organizational Chart Crude Oil Production and Exports, by Month, 7/2003–6/2009 Refined Fuel Production and Imports, by Month, 2006-2009 Average Iraqi Electricity Production, Imports, and Total Supply, by Month, 7/2006–6/2009 Electricity Supply, by Source, Selected Quarters  
Electricity Imports, by Month, 7/2006–6/2009 Estimated Electricity Demand and Load Served, 7/2007–6/2009 GRD Road and Bridge Projects Governance Timeline Governance—Status of Funds  
U.S. Embassy Governance Programs Organizational Chart Rate of IDP and Refugee Return ESF Support for Ongoing Governance Programs U.S. Embassy Anticorruption Coordination Office Organizational Chart Economy—Status of Funds
Relationship of GOI Oil Revenues to Iraqi GDP Inflation and Core Inflation Rates Exchange Rate for the Iraqi Dinar, 2004–2009 Iraqi GDP, GOI Revenue, and GOI Budget  

Reconstruction by Province

Regional and Provincial Elections Ethnoreligious Demographics by Province Election Results, by Party, 2005 and 2009 Election Turnout, 2005 vs. 2009  

SIGIR Oversight

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