April 2009: Quarterly Report To Congress

The Changing Face of Iraq Reconstruction

Ambassador Christopher Hill has been confi rmed as the new U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, assuming leadership of diplomacy, development, and continuing reconstruction eff orts. He arrives in Baghdad to take on a variety of signifi cant challenges, including:

  • Reconciling Kurdish-Arab divisions, which are worsening, particularly with regard to Kirkuk
  • helping Iraq fi ght the problem of corruption in national and local governments, which prime Minister al-Maliki has acknowledged as serious and significant
  • adapting the reconstruction mission to a changing U.S. security posture, which will affect the U.S civilian presence, particularly the Provincial Reconstruction Teams
  • assisting Iraq in responding to its faltering GDP, which has been constricted by the collapse in world oil prices

Notwithstanding these daunting challenges, Ambassador Hill inherits an Iraq more stable and prosperous than the country his three preceding Chiefs of Mission encountered. Th e security environment is generally safer now than at any time since the 2003 invasion, the GOI recently approved its largest budget in six years, and the January 31 provincial elections were a success.

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SIGIR Observations

Election Results, 2005 vs. 2009 Significant Security Incidents, January 1, 2009-Mid-April 2009 Unobligated Major U.S. Funds Electricity Demand vs. Production, 1980–2008 Rate of IDP and Refugee Return

Iraq Reconstruction Funding

Funding Sources International Donor Grants Pledged vs. Committed, by Country Status of U.S. Reconstruction Funding Cumulative Appropriations, Obligations, and Expenditures, by Major Reconstruction Fund, 2004-2009 Status of Major U.S. Funds by Fiscal Year
Unexpended Major U.S. Funds Status of IRRF 2 Funds Status of ISFF Funds New ISFF Contracting Actions, by Quarter Expenditures of ISFF Appropriations, by Year Appropriated and Sub-activity Group
Status of ESF Funds ESF Funding by Track ESF Allocations and Expenditures by Major Programs, as of 3/31/2009 New ESF Contracting Actions, by Quarter Status of CERP Funds
CERP FY 2009 Obligations by Project Type, as of 12/31/2008 Distribution of Total Costs for Ongoing CERP Project Activities, by Quarter, 2004–2009 Cumulative U.S. Funding by Reconstruction Area and Sector Security Incidents, 2004-2009 Troops Trained and Assigned, by Quarter, 2005–2009
Timeline of Provincial Security Control by GOI Status of Funds—Security and Justice Assassinations of Iraqi Judges and Court Staff Since 2003, by Province Rule of Law Assistance to GOI's Judicial System U.S. Infrastructure Funding
Sources and Flow of Energy in Iraq Crude Oil Production and Exports, 4/2008-3/2009 Refined Fuel Production and Imports, by Quarter, 2006-2009 Power Plant Capacity and Production, by Plant Type Power Plant Capacity Utilization, by Plant Type, 4/2007–3/2009
Estimated Electricity Demand and Load Served, 4/2007–3/2009 Electricity Imports, 7/2006-3/2009 Timeline of Iraqi Elections Status of Funds—Governance Anticorruption Timeline
Anticorruption Timeline Rate of IDP and Refugee Return Status of U.S. Funds—Economy Monthly GOI Oil Revenue Interest, Exchange, and Inflation Rates in Iraq

Reconstruction by Province

Invalid Ballots in Middle East and Post-Conflict Elections Ethnoreligious Demographics by Province Election Results, by Party, 2005 and 2009 Election Turnout, 2005 vs. 2009 PRT Maturity Assessments

SIGIR Oversight

Project Assessments Aerial Imagery Assessments Debarments and Suspensions, by Quarter 2005–2009 Average Number of Visitors per Day to SIGIR Website  
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