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April 2008: Quarterly Report To Congress

Five Years of Iraq Reconstruction

Since April 2003, the United States Congress has appropriated more than $46 billion for the relief and reconstruction of Iraq. This Quarterly Report provides a comprehensive update on how that money has been spent, with information on the top five projects in each construction sector, the top contractors by income, an overview of reconstruction management, and SIGIR's new audits and inspections.

Please address inquiries regarding this report to SIGIR Public Affairs by e-mail or by phone 703-428-1100.

This report is also broken out by Figures, Pictures, and Tables.

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April 30, 2008 Quarterly Report to Congress 10,239 KB 4/30/08
Message From the IG 218 KB 4/30/08
Section 1: SIGIR Observations 483 KB 4/30/08
Section 2: Update on Iraq Reconstruction 8,353 KB 4/30/08
Section 3: SIGIR Oversight 1,274 KB 4/30/08
Section 4: Other Agency Oversight 352 KB 4/30/08
Acronyms and Definitions 384 KB 4/30/08
Endnotes 402 KB 4/30/08
Highlights from the Report 1,799 KB 4/30/08
Iraq Reconstruction Graph 712 KB 4/30/08
Front Cover of the Report 191 KB 4/30/08
Back Cover of the Report 76 KB 4/30/08
List of Contracting Actions and Grants (Microsoft Excel)
~8,500 KB
All Appendices 2,337 KB 4/30/08
Appendix A: Statutory Requirements 67 KB 4/30/08
Appendix B: Impact of SIGIR Operations 37 KB 4/30/08
Appendix C: Cross-reference of SIGIR Budget Terms 62 KB 4/30/08
Appendix D: Sector Crossss-Reference 45 KB 4/30/08
Appendix E: U.S. Appropriated Funds 38 KB 4/30/08
Appendix F: Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund Apportionments by Agency 379 KB 4/30/08
Appendix G: Iraqi Funds Obligated for Reconstruction Activity by CPA 129 KB 4/30/08
Appendix H: Completed SIGIR Audits 198 KB 4/30/08
Appendix I: Completed SIGIR Inspections 70 KB 4/30/08
Appendix J: Suspensions and Debarments 88 KB 4/30/08
Appendix K: Detailed Summary of Other Agency Oversight 72 KB 4/30/08
Appendix L: Summary of U.S. Oversight in Iraq 81 KB 4/30/08
Appendix M: International Relief and Support for Iraq 195 KB 4/30/08
Appendix M: Endnotes 99 KB 4/30/08
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