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Come explore, discuss, meet others in the same field, and develop the data and apps in the community that you care about. Join in the discussions by going to communities, some of which are listed below, that interest you.

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View our government at work and find opportunities to participate.


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Are you a teacher, professor, or student? Young people across America are learning about and we want you to be part of getting data into the classroom.

See what teachers are doing, share a lesson plan, showcase an app. Learn what’s going on in classrooms today!

Semantic Web

Visit the Semantic Web community

As the Web of linked documents evolves to include the Web of linked data, we’re working to maximize the potential of Semantic Web technologies to realize the promise of Linked Open Government Data. We and our collaborators at the Tetherless World Constellation at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are helping to lead the way in this exciting area!

Developers Corner developer's corner

Are you interested in sharing your mashups, apps, and ideas? Do you want to learn how to create app and mashups with some of the data hosted here on Whether you are here to share, learn, collaborate, or innovate—you’ve come to the right place.

Look at these great government mobile apps and help us to develop more!