Susan Ware


Forgotten Heroes: Inspiring American Portraits From Our Leading Historians

(The Free Press, 1998)

Every culture needs heroes who lead by example and uplift us all in the process. Yet as this collection vividly demonstrates, heroes come in many shapes and sizes, and we all gain when we remember and celebrate them. In Forgotten Heroes, edited by Susan Ware and with an introduction by David McCullough, thirty-five historians and writers, all members of the prestigious Society for American History, recount their favorite stories of underappreciated American figures.

"Ware devotes more than a third of the book to unsung women, many of them in the forefront of movements to improve the lot of their sisters in such areas as civil liberties, suffrage and working conditions…This book is an ideal bedside companion that offers 
the occasional illuminating glimpse into fascinating if little-known episodes of 
American History."

Publishers Weekly