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Recasting the Vote: How Women of Color Transformed the Suffrage Movement by Cathleen D. Cahill (UNC Press, 2020).

Recasting the Vote tells the story of women's suffrage with the women of today in mind. Through probing research and vivid storytelling, Cathleen Cahill unearths how women of color charted their own routes to voting rights, transforming a movement. Their lives speak to our own time through timely lessons about how racism and sexism can undercut women's political power. This is the book we have long been waiting for and that we need.” - Martha S. Jones, Historian and NWHM Scholars Advisory Council Member

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It’s Time to Complete the Story. 

Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less.

Myra Pollack Sadker
Professor, Author, Researcher, and Activist

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December 7th is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, when Americans commemorate the 1941 attack that brought the United States into World War II. Dozens of stories of heroism emerged after the attacks, including that of the inspiring courage of First Lieutenant Annie G. Fox (Army Nurse Corps), who received a Bronze Star for her actions.

Fab Five Biographies

To celebrate our new online exhibit, Representation with a Hyphen: Latinas in the Fight for Suffrage, the December Fab Five honors Five Latina Suffragists!

If we want our girls to benefit from the courage and wisdom of the women before them, we have to share the stories.

Shireen Dodson
fist in air

Many of us are not sure how to counter racism when we witness it and don’t know what to say when people we know downplay or trivialize the hate, prejudice and discrimination that Black people (and other people of color) experience in our country.

Being an ally in the struggle for African-American justice and equality goes beyond simply not being racist. We hope this list of resources help to educate and motivate you to take action.

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Discover our educational resources. Find lesson plans, biographies, posters, timelines, videos, and more on a wide variety of women's history topics. 

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Representation with a Hyphen: Latinas in the Fight for Women's Suffrage

National Women’s History Museum and NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises Partner on New Virtual Exhibit on Latinas in the Fight for Women’s Suffrage

The virtual exhibit, "Representation with a Hyphen: Latinas in the Fight for Women's Suffrage," tells the story of the bicultural political engagement, experience, and role of Latinas in the fight for women’s right to vote.
Maria Tallchief

NWHM Launches New Virtual Exhibit, “Maria Tallchief: America’s Prima Ballerina”

Today, the National Women’s History Museum launched a new virtual exhibit as part of their Native American Heritage Month programming, "Maria Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina."

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Brave Girls Virtual Storytime: "The Youngest Marcher: The Story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a Young Civil Rights Activist"

Join NWHM and author Cynthia Levinson for a very special Brave Girls Virtual Storytime reading of her book, "The Youngest Marcher."