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Expert Panel Releases White Paper outlining a Roadmap for Preventing Limb Loss in America

Read the press release.

2012 Limb Loss Task Force White Paper

Help the Amputee Coalition encourage the Presidential candidates to participate in the National Forum on Disability Issues this September 28th!

National Forum on Disability Issues

Register Now! - LLED Greater Washington, D.C.

Taking place in celebration of the grand opening of the new Amputee Coalition headquarters at 9303 Center Street, Manassas, VA 20110

LLED - Greater Washington DC

Newly Enforced Medicare Regulations Governing Payment
for Prosthetic Devices

Urge Your Doctor to Make Specific Notations in Medical Record

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inMotion - A Publication of the Amputee Coalition
Doing It All

Doing It All: Finding a Way to Balance Exercise and Energy Conservation

Adults lose flexibility and strength as they age, but, in many cases, these losses are not an inevitable. Read the article (PDF)...


Exercise for Optimum Function: Functional Strength Training for Amputees

Muscular strength is a vital component of being healthy. Read the article (PDF)...

Limb Loss & the Family

Limb Loss & the Family

Everyone close to a person with an amputation is affected. The more you know about limb loss and help the person with an amputation to heal and go on with life, the easier it will be to help yourself. Read the article (PDF)...

Secondary Conditions

Secondary Conditions and Prosthetic Users

Three of the most common secondary complications in lower-limb amputees due to compensatory and/or altered stresses are osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and back pain. Read the article (PDF)...


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Amputee Coalition Advises Caution Using Fireworks This Fourth of JulyWhat's the leading cause of major amputations for kids under 10?

Lawn mower accidents.

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