NIICD Technical Training


The mission of the NIICD Technical Training Branch is to promote excellence through training of incident communications, telecommunications and Pathways Intern Program personnel.

The scope of the Branch of Technical Training is national and international in nature. Incident Communications Training provides federal, state, county and private personnel with progressive and coordinated incident communications training from the entry-level as a radio operator, through the final level as a communications duty officer. Priorities for training are based on direction from the NIFC Governing Board.

Telecommunications Training provides journeyman technicians with quality up-to-date training in the latest equipment and technologies.

Pathways Intern Program Training produces skilled entry-level telecommunications specialists and electronics technicians for the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and other federal land management agencies.

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Available Training

Incident Communications Training (link)
Designed to provide training in incident communications to incident responders.

Pathways Intern Program Training (link)
Designed to provide the USDA and the DOI with technically trained entry-level telecommunications specialists and electronics technicians.

Aviation P25 Radio Training

Instructional material from the March 2008 Aviation P25 Radio Training sessions in Boise:

Units 1 & 2 PowerPoint, Unit 3 (TiL) PowerPoint, Unit 4 (NAT) PowerPoint

Technisonic TDFM-136

Zipped file for training on Technisonic's TDFM-136 P25 airborne radio (7.1M file).


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