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You text, you play games, you share photos and video. You update your status, you post comments, you might spend time in a virtual world. Being online is how you live your life.

And as you spend more of your time there, it can be easy to over-share, embarrass yourself, mess up your computer and possibly get messages from creepy people. The truth is there are some risks involved in socializing, playing, and communicating online.

Regardless of how fast your fingers fly on a keyboard or cell phone, the best tool you have to help avoid risks online is your brain. When you're ready to post or send a message or a photo, download a file, game or program, or shop for something — stop for a second. Think:

  • Do you know and trust who you're dealing with — or what you're sharing or downloading?
  • How will you feel if your information ends up somewhere you didn't intend?

Asking a few key questions first can help you protect yourself, your friends, and your computer.

Heads Up:

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