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Land Management Police Training (LMPT)

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Program Description

The Land Management Police Training Program (LMPT) is the basic training program for uniformed officers charged with enforcing Federal laws and regulations on Federal and tribal lands and waters of the United States and its territories. Agencies include the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Tennessee Valley Authority, National Marine Fisheries Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Tribal Police and Department of Defense Law Enforcement Conservation Officers. The diverse missions of these organizations include protecting natural and cultural resources, public recreation, facilities, visitors and residents. The working environment may be a vast wilderness or an urban recreational area, a wildlife refuge or historic site, an Indian country community or an unpopulated remote island, a wild, scenic river or an energy-generating, recreational reservoir.

The LMPT is designed to meet the entry level training needs of law enforcement officers responsible for protecting the people and trust resources on Federal and tribal lands and waters. It covers all of the standard skill sets required of a uniformed law enforcement officer, including training in areas such as defensive tactics, arrest techniques, conflict management, critical incident response, emergency response driving, report writing, firearms proficiency, drugs of abuse, Federal criminal law, courtroom testimony, crowd control, and other law enforcement skills needed in urban, suburban, rural and remote areas. This training program includes classroom instruction and applied learning in laboratory and practical exercises. Roads, residences, cabins, campsites, public buildings and other realistic settings create an authentic environment for students when participating in scenarios.

Type: Basic

Length: 79 training days

Prerequisites for Attendance

Each Partner Organization sets standards in designating employees for training. After the individuals have been selected, they are sent by that organization to the FLETC. Attendees must meet their Agency’s recruitment standards and the FLETC Practical Exercise Performance Requirements for the LMPT PRIOR TO ARRIVING FOR THE TRAINING PROGRAM.

Additional Information

Registration is through the Federal agency employing or sponsoring the trainee.