Protect Kids Online

Kids have lots of opportunities for socializing online, but they come with certain risks. Parents can help reduce these risks by talking to kids about making safe, responsible decisions.

Kids and Socializing Online

Tips for parents whose teens use social networks

Kids’ Privacy

Information about parents’ rights under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) 


Tips for parents about how to prevent or stop cyberbullying

Talk to Your Kids

Tips for chatting with kids about being online

Kids and Mobile Phones

Tips for parents whose kids use mobile phones

Parental Controls

Parental control options for parents who want to monitor or limit their kids’ online activity

Kids: Texting and Sexting

Tips for talking to your kids about texting on their phones

Kids and Virtual Worlds

Tips for parents whose kids may be accessing online worlds intended for adults

Child Identity Theft

Warning signs that someone may have misused your child’s personal information and what you can do about it


Tips for talking to teens about being online

Kids and Computer Security

Tips for talking to kids about computer security practices, phishing, P2P file-sharing and apps

Kids, Parents, and Video Games

Information for parents about video game ratings and parental controls


Tips for talking to tweens about being online

Young Kids

Tips for talking to young kids about being online