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The "Open World Alumni Bulletin" is a Russian language quarterly that informs alumni about program initiatives such as workshops and conferences and alumni news.

November 2011 (242.69KB)
September 2011 (168.01KB)
December 2010 (489.1KB)
December 2010 (489.1KB)
June 2010 (984.51KB)
May 2010 (601.82KB)
Spring 2009 (1.73MB)
Winter 2008-2009 (1.55MB)
Spring 2008 (1.66MB)
Spring 2005: "NGO Practices and Prospects" (775.33KB)
Winter 2004: "Economic Development" (963.5KB)
Fall 2004: "Youth: Initiatives, Concerns, and Policies" (952.68KB)
Summer 2004: "Rule of law" (793.16KB)
Spring 2004: "Environment" (681.25KB)
Winter 2003: "Role of Libraries in the Community" (468.15KB)
Fall 2003: "Women as Leaders" (349.42KB)