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Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP)
CDP Tissue Microarrays

Applying for Tissue Microarrays

The Principal Investigator (PI) responsible for overseeing the project and controlling the laboratory and personnel who will receive, use and process the requested specimens should submit an application form using the following instructions and outline. The requested information is necessary to properly evaluate your request.

  1. The applicant must submit an application for TMAs. Applicants may use the electronic application form available on this web site (apply electronically), or they may submit an application in MS Word or PDF format that follows the outline of the electronic application. Please submit a complete application to avoid a delay in the evaluation and review of your request.
  2. In addition to the application, the applicant must submit a current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  3. If requesting TMAs from more than one specific anatomic site or disease, please submit separate applications as necessary.
  4. Submit your application, CV and relevant documents to:
    CDP Tissue Microarray Resources
    Information Management Services, Inc.
    3901 Calverton Boulevard, Suite 200
    Calverton, MD 20705
    Telephone: (301) 680-9770

    OR apply electronically
  5. CDP Staff will review your application as quickly as possible upon receipt; however, please anticipate that it may take up to two weeks for the review of your application to be completed. If CDP Staff have questions about the application they will contact you directly (via e-mail or telephone) to discuss them.
  6. Upon completion of the review, the CDP will notify the applicant of its decision.
  7. Successful applicants will be asked to provide shipping and billing information. The applicant is responsible for all specimen and shipping costs. Payment via check or electronic wire is accepted. Please refer to the CDP Tissue Microarray Resources Web site, for the current fee table.
  8. Successful TMA applicants will be asked to sign and return a Material Transfer Agreement form and a Quality Assurance statement prior to shipment of the TMA sections.
  9. The CDP will invoice for payment of the TMA sections after they are shipped to the applicant. It is the CDP’s policy to receive payment for the TMA sections before the clinical data for the cases on the TMA sections will be provided to the applicant.
  10. Please note that it is the CDP’s practice to batch approved TMA requests and ship at 4-6 week intervals. Please allow sufficient time for your TMA application to be reviewed and processed.
  11. Please note that the CDP is able to ship TMAs within the United States and to Canada; and shipments to the European Union are considered on a case-by–case basis.

Questions about CDP tissue microarrays or the application process may be directed to CDP Tissue Microarray Resources at (301) 680-9770 or