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Geographic Information Systems Funding

How to Obtain Funding

Special grant applications in Geographic Information Systems are not currently being solicited by the Surveillance Research Program or by the National Cancer Institute. When there are solicitations, notice of them will be posted here.

Interested researchers may submit unsolicited applications for R01 (investigator-initiated) or R03 (small) grants. Researchers who are new to the NIH grant application process should see the NIH Grants and Funding Opportunities website, particularly the "Welcome Wagon" letter, to learn more.

For a general listing of currently funded NCI grants in biostatistics, along with information on how to obtain grants, see the website. For a specific listing of currently funded NCI grants in GIS-related areas, see the Funded Statistical Grants - Spatial/GIS Models section of that site.

NCI has previously solicited grant applications in GIS under the Program Announcements PAS-00-120 and PAS-00-121.

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Current Funding Opportunities

Spatial Uncertainty: Data, Modeling, and Communication:

Additional Funding:

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Currently Funded GIS Grants

For a complete list of GIS grants that are currently being funded, please visit the Cancer Control and Population Sciences Funded Statistical Grants website. This site lists Spatial and GIS Model grants carried over from prior fiscal years and new grants awarded in the current fiscal year.

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