About Us

What Does Disability.gov Do?

Disability.gov is the federal government website for comprehensive information on disability programs and services in communities nationwide. The site links to more than 14,000 resources from federal, state and local government agencies; academic institutions; and nonprofit organizations. You can find answers to questions about everything from Social Security benefits to employment to affordable and accessible housing.

New information is added daily across 10 main subject areas – Benefits, Civil Rights, Community Life, Education, Emergency Preparedness, Employment, Health, Housing, Technology and Transportation.

Disability.gov is a web portal, which means every time you select a resource, you will be directed to another website. For example, a resource about Social Security benefits may direct you to the Social Security Administration’s website, www.ssa.gov. Disability.gov is not responsible for the maintenance of these resources or websites.

A PDF version of our fact sheet is available in the Newsroom.

How Do I Find Resources?

There are two ways to search for information on Disability.gov.

  1. Use the Search Box, located on the home page, directly beneath the Disability.gov logo; or
  2. Use the Information by Topic menu on the left side of the home page.

Visit the How to Use This Site section to learn more about finding your way around the site.

Who Visits Disability.gov?

Many people visit Disability.gov, including individuals with disabilities, their families, Veterans, caregivers, employers, educators and others. Our purpose is to connect people of all abilities to the resources they need to fully participate in their communities.

Who "Owns" the Site?

Disability.gov is managed by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), in collaboration with 21 federal agency partners. For a detailed list, please visit our Partners page.

How Can I Link to Disability.gov?

If you would like to add a text or logo link to Disability.gov on your website, visit the Link to Us page to get directions. Simply copy the HTML code for the link you prefer and add it to your website.

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