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Guided Search Overview

Use Guided Search to retrieve materials by keyword, present anywhere in the catalog record, or only in specific fields (e.g., author, title, publisher, etc.).

A Guided Search is especially helpful when you are looking for specific items but do not know the initial words of a title or a person's complete name; or when you wish to create a precise search strategy, combining or excluding search words or phrases.

The Guided Keyword search screen consists of two sets of Search/Attribute sets, and the ability to tie them together with Boolean operators:

Image of Guided Search Box

Guided Search Examples:

The Guided Search is very flexible, allowing for a wide variety of search word and phrase combinations, as illustrated in the examples below (for more examples and details, see the Help Screen on Guided Search Index Codes):

Example 1:

Example of a search for saint louis  as a subject

Example 2:

Example screen of a search for shakespeare as a personal names and harcourt at the publisher

Example 3:

Example screen of a search for politics or elections as a keyword and puerto rico as a subject phrase

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