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SEER*Rx Summary of Changes

January 2013 Release

Important Update

A comprehensive review of chemotherapeutic drugs currently found in SEER*RX has been completed and in keeping with the FDA, the following drugs listed in the table below have changed categories from Chemotherapy to BRM/Immunotherapy. This change is effective with diagnosis date January 1, 2013 forward. For cases diagnosed prior to January 1, 2013 continue coding these six drugs as chemotherapy. Coding instructions related to this change have been added to the remarks field for the applicable drugs.

Drug Name(s) Previous Category New Category Effective Date
Alemtuzumab/Campath Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Bevacizumab/Avastin Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Rituximab Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Trastuzumab/Herceptin Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Pertuzumab/Perjeta Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Cetuximab/Erbitux Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013

Summary Report:

  • Total number of drugs listed in SEER*RX: 1825
  • Total number of Regimens listed in SEER*RX: 853
  • Number of drugs added: 12
  • Number of drugs modified: 71 (includes spelling and grammar corrections, updated remarks)
  • Number of regimens added: 3
  • Number of regimens deleted: 1 (duplicate)
  • Number of regimens modified: 255
    • When SEER*RX was moved to the new format, an ancillary drug, which is not coded, was inadvertently added to 255 regimens. The drug in question has been deleted from these regimens.