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ARCHIVED - NIH Extramural Financial Operations

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Welcome to the NIH’s Financial Operations Website Archive. On this page you will find the information about NIH’s financial operations plans for the past fiscal years. See the main NIH Extramural Financial Operations web site for information on the current fiscal year.

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NIH Fiscal Operations Plan for FY 2007

Faced with a markedly increased number of applications and applicants for grant support at a time of flat budgets with no inflationary adjustments, NIH has taken proactive steps in fiscal year 2007 to manage its portfolio of investments in biomedical research. NIH is committed to buttressing core areas of vulnerability, such as the ability of new investigators to compete for support in these difficult financial times, and protecting our investment in well-established investigators with little or no other significant support. Accordingly, NIH is adjusting the level of non-competing awards to protect the number of competing Research Project Grants (RPGs). Complete information including priorities and operating guidelines is available in two Notices that appeared in the NIH Guide, the NOT-OD-07-030 and NOT-OD-07-049.

With the enactment of PL 110-005: Revised Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2007 on February 15, 2007, the NIH has funding for the remainder of FY2007. Under this resolution, the following specific guidance applies as described in the notices mentioned above:

  • Non-competing continuing research grants will be funded at 97.1% of the FY2007 committed level. Future years are to be adjusted as well by applying the same reduction factor to each commitment.

  • Any non-competing continuing research grant already issued in FY2007 at a reduced level (see NOT-OD-07-004), will be restored to the 97.1% of the committed level, adjusting future years as well.

  • This does not apply to Ks, Ts & T-like mechanisms, Fs, or SBIRs/STTRs--these mechanisms will be funded at the committed level

If you have specific questions about your award, please contact the grants management specialist identified in your Notice of Grant Award. For all other questions please write to us at

Norka Ruiz Bravo, PhD
Deputy Director for Extramural Research, NIH

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Resources for FY 2007

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For questions or comments regarding this site, contact the Deputy Director for Extramural Research Mailbox.

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