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  • Jess Cartner-Morley wearing a black polo neck

    How to dress: polo necks - video (3min 32sec)

  • Beauty tips: static hair - video

    Beauty tips: static hair - video (5min 13sec)

  • Jess Cartner-Morley wearing a Gucci flapper dress

    How to dress: flapper dresses - video (3min 31sec)

  • Sali Hughes and a makeup hangover cure

    Beauty tips: Hangover cures for your skin - video (6min 01sec)

  • The human brain

    Alok Jha and Ian Sample investigate our understanding of the brain (32min 43sec)

  • MDG : Gender : Women carry vegetables on their heads in

    Global Development podcast: gender equality (25min 20sec)

  • Cookbooks

    Guardian Books podcast: Cookery books and 9/11 stories (31min 30sec)

  • Speed dating

    Science Weekly Podcast: The science of human attraction (11min 11sec)

  • No trousers day

    No Trousers on the Tube day - in pictures (10 pictures)

  • Snooping around in Thornton Dale, North Yorkshire

    Snooping around – in pictures (4 pictures)

  • Stripy jumper

    Fashion wishlist: what we like this week - in pictures (5 pictures)

  • Polo neck

    Get the look: polo necks - in pictures (4 pictures)

  • How to cook: Keralan fish grilled in banana leaf

    Video (5min 23sec) Thressi Kottukapally shows us how to cook her fish in banana leaf

  • Nigel Slater's Nordic recipes

    Whether backed with bacon, or in a Nordic risotto, cured fish and creamy milk is a marriage made in heaven

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  • Night sky

    Dear Mariella

    When a woman writes in to ask for help with dealing with her terror of the dark, she encounters an unlikely fellow sufferer – Mariella herself

  • Uncle James, don't move out!

    When her brother found himself with nowhere to live, Claire Donnelly invited him to stay 'for a month or so'. A year on, the family can't imagine life without him

  • pictorial meadow

    Fields of dreams

    At the start of a new year, winter offers a much needed change of pace – and a chance to ponder the future

  • Highland fling

    Shut out the January cold and cosy up with tweeds and checks – they're the only way to keep warm this winter

  • How to make a coin purse. Step 6

    How to make a coin purse

    Pack up your pennies in this easy-to-make, cute coin purse by Charlie Moorby

  • Erica Wilson obituary

    Leading light in the world of needlework and embroidery who was determined to repopularise handicrafts in America

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