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There are lots of ways to report invasive species sightings. You can contact people or organizations listed on our 'People to Contact' page, or you can use one of the forms listed below to submit a report. Use the search tool on this page to search for online reporting forms for invasive species sightings in your state, or for a particular species like the Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis).

* If you know about other online forms for reporting invasive or introduced species sightings that you think should be included in this list, please contact Annie Simpson ( or Elizabeth Sellers (

Online Forms for Reporting Invasive Species Sightings
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CollapseArizona Noxious Weeds Reporting Form
Description: Quote:"The following form can be copied and used to report new noxious weed infestations in Arizona." The form also includes instructions for how to collect and samples for later identification.
Resource Type: Forms, Monitoring Protocols
Resource Format: PDF, URL
Publisher: New Mexico State University; The University of Arizona; Utah State University; United States Department of Agriculture
ExpandAsian Longhorned Beetle Contacts - Canada
ExpandAsian Longhorned Beetle Report a Sighting US State Contacts and Nationwide Phone Number 1-800-442-2342
ExpandCactus Moth Detection and Monitoring Network - Cactus Moth Trap Data Reporting Form
ExpandCactus Moth Detection and Monitoring Network - Cactus Moth Visual Observation Data Reporting Form
ExpandCactus Moth Detection and Monitoring Network - Pricklypear and Cactus Moth Larvae Data Reporting Form
ExpandCalifornia Central Valley Bay-Delta Mitten Crab Sighting Report Form and Telephone Hotline 1 888 321 8913
ExpandCalifornia Zebra Mussel Sighting Hotline 1-888-840-8917 and Email Address
ExpandFlorida Exotic Pest Plant Council Melaleuca Sighting Reporting Form
ExpandFlorida Natural Areas Inventory - Invasive Species
ExpandGlobal Garlic Mustard Field Survey: Data Entry
ExpandHemlock Woolly Adelgid Online Reporting System
ExpandIllinois Aquatic Non-Native Species Reporting Form
ExpandiMapInvasives: Oregon Invasive Species User Tools - Report Invasives
ExpandIndiana Invasive Species Sighting Report Form
ExpandMassachusetts Giant Hogweed Sighting Report Form
ExpandMassachusetts Introduced Pest Sighting Report Form
ExpandMaui County Report a Pest - Online Report Form
ExpandNevada Department of Agriculture Noxious Weeds - Noxious Weed Report Form
ExpandNew Zealand Mud Snail Sighting online eporting form
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